Electric Vehicles: The Swiss army knife of the grid

V2G: The future of EV integration?

As the batteries powering EVs become larger, the next logical step in grid integration would appear to be two-way power flows, referred to as Vehicle-to-Grid, or V2G. In these scenarios, not only can the demand from electric vehicles be finely managed, but the EVs themselves could send power back to the electric grid if needed.

There are multiple barriers to V2G being a grid resource, including battery degradation and automaker warranties. But many believe it is only a matter of time before those issues are addressed.

"We've seen a few pilots being considered in California and Hawaii on the V2G front. They're usually way ahead of everyone else, and if they are still in the pilot phase, there is a long way to go." - Autumn Proudlove, Senior Manager of Policy Research, North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center