OPPD Board Member Craig Moody: An Electric Utility's Role in Addressing Climate Change

The IPCC authors found that if emissions continue at the current pace, the atmosphere will warm by as much as 1.5˚C by 2040, resulting in, among other things, inundated coastlines, intensified droughts and poverty, and near elimination of the planet’s coral reefs. What’s notable is that the 2040 timeframe is well within most of our lifespans. Let there be no mistake, climate change is here. Now. And it’s time for all of us to act.
As many of you know, the board is currently taking comments on a draft of its environmental stewardship strategic directive. While the directive doesn’t go so far as the vision I outlined above, it is a good step forward. Read more about the draft directive here, and provide comments by 11/4 here.