Entire 53-acre site in northeast Kearney seeded with plants for pollinators

KEARNEY — In coordination with the Year of the Bird in 2018, the Iain Nicolson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary recognized and celebrated on Thursday the bird- and wildlife-friendly design of the new solar array in Kearney.

A collaboration between the City of Kearney, Nebraska Public Power District and SoCore Energy, the entire 53-acre site has been landscaped with bird- and pollinator-friendly native plants. The project is located at 56th Street and Antelope Avenue.

State and city leaders shared their unique perspectives on Kearney’s solar array and the growing national trend of solar sites that are seeded and managed to benefit wildlife as well as insects that provide benefits to agriculture.

“Bird-friendly solar arrays perfectly align with Audubon’s mission to protect birds and the places they need — today and tomorrow,” said Bill Taddicken, executive director of Audubon Nebraska, in a press release.

“As Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change Report shows, 314 species of North American birds are threatened by climate change,” Taddicken said. “Solar arrays play a key role in reaching the clean energy future both birds and people need. We’re grateful for the leadership on display today from the city of Kearney, Nebraska Public Power District and SoCore Energy.”