Worried About Grid Resilience? Don’t—You Can Sleep Well

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has warned of an energy nightmare in which coal and nuclear power plant retirements threaten the resilience of the power grid and risk widespread blackouts. But as the Sustainable FERC Project (housed within NRDC) and 16 other organizations explain in comments filed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) today, Perry’s nightmare scenario is just that—a dream out of touch with reality.

Also, despite Perry’s “sky is falling” declarations regarding coal and nuclear plant retirements, as Perry’s own Department of Energy (DOE) acknowledged last summer, the grid has become more reliable in the last 15 years—notwithstanding coal and nuclear retirements. Or, as the DOE report put it in technical terms, “at the end of 2016, the system had more dispatchable capacity capable of operating at high utilization rates than it did in 2002.”