Small as energy maker, solar farm generates big interest

KEARNEY — Covering 53 acres in northeast Kearney and comprising 22,464 panels, the SoCore solar farm at the city of Kearney’s Tech oNE Crossing is Nebraska’s largest. Rated at 5.7 megawatts, the solar array’s generating capacity is enough to power about 900 houses or supply 5 percent of Kearney’s energy load.

Although the $11 million, 53-acre solar farm can supply only a fraction of the energy Kearney needs, the array is generating lots of interest:

  • It’s an opportunity for local residents to use green energy without committing to a major investment.
  • Two of Kearney’s educational institutions are shareholders and are looking to fortify their images with solar energy.
  • A locally grown high-tech business is about to sign up for solar power — a move that could help the city recruit other technology businesses to Kearney.