Trump Administration Memo Reveals Coal Bailout Plans; Energy Groups Counter

In contrast, in response to the draft memo, on behalf of the American Wind Energy Association, Amy Farrell, the group’s senior vice president for government and public affairs, states, “Independent energy regulators, grid operators and other experts have gone on the record to declare that orderly power plant retirements do not constitute an emergency for our electric grid. Infrastructure and processes are already in place to ensure that remains the case. The reported proposal would be a misapplication of emergency powers; there’s certainly no credible justification to force American taxpayers to bail out uneconomic power plants.”

Likewise, on behalf of the Solar Energy Industries Association, Christopher Mansour, the group’s vice president for federal affairs, says, “A policy to spend billions of dollars keeping uneconomic power plants afloat – while trying to put clean and affordable solar on the sidelines – is not a recipe for economic success. Energy experts across a range of industries, within the federal government and in academia have agreed that this sort of effort will create a bloated power sector deploying outmoded technologies. We urge policymakers to again block this ill-advised effort to keep plants running that most electric utilities have already decided to abandon – and for good reason.”