TOOL: New Tool Forecasts Local Power Generation

How much electricity did solar and wind installations generate in your area in the past 24 hours? How much power will they produce today and tomorrow?

The vast majority of Americans support expanding the production of solar and wind energy. But the average person has no easy way to understand how much power those energy sources actually generate in his or her community, on a day-to-day basis.

That has changed. In September 2018, Climate Central, a non-advocacy, non-profit research organization, released a free online tool that will let TV meteorologists across the United States share three-day estimates of local solar and wind power generation with their viewers, across a number of straightforward metrics. The tool is part of the Climate Matters initiative, which provides local, ready-to-use information about climate change — from broadcast-ready graphics to data analysis — to more than 600 TV meteorologists around the country.